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In the kitchen of Aurélie and Henri Charpentier

Aurélie and Henri cook simply but always with the desire to enjoy and embellish everyday life. Amateur cooks, they know how to put the small dishes in the big ones for the beautiful occasions.

In the kitchen of Aurélie and Henri Charpentier

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?

Hi, we are Aurélie & Henri. We live in Paris and we have 2 adorable little girls.

Aurélie: I co-founded the women's ready-to-wear brand Soi Paris with my sister: a brand specializing in the prints we design, using only materials of natural origin with responsible manufacturing.

Henri: I work in a start-up, Getir , which delivers everyday products to homes in a few minutes (including delicious fruits and vegetables).
We are two epicureans, always ready to try a new restaurant or spend time with friends over a nice meal and a good bottle of wine!

What are the occasions when you cook?

We are not going to lie to each other, we are not cooking pros. Often in a hurry, we are rather VIPs at Deliveroo. But we really like to cook when we have dinner with friends or family, as well as for special occasions.

vases et bols en céramique lance

What are your favorite recipes for these special occasions?

Aurélie: the frita, a delicious mix of tomatoes, peppers, (a little) oil, (a little) sugar, to eat alone or as a cold or hot side dish. This recipe rocked my whole childhood.

Henri: pike dumplings, nantua or lobster bisque sauce, Bocuse style or revisited.

And what are your essential utensils for cooking?

Aurélie: Not being a pro, I'm more into tableware than kitchen utensils. Last pleasure: plates from Tressé and bowls and salad bowls from LRNCE.

Henri: Quality tongs and spatulas for a wonderful summer bbq!

In the kitchen of Aurélie and Henri Charpentier

What is your magic ingredient or what you always have in your fridge?

Aurélie: De la Savora :) I'm probably the only one who still likes it! But I like the thousands of spices that make it up, and you can put them in a lot of recipes.

Henri: Espelette pepper, with meat, fish or vegetables is always a guaranteed success.

Who are your star suppliers?

Obviously Boots en Ville , the platform of our friend Aymeric Legrand which connects restaurants and local producers, with an offer of super quality seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Can you give us a song that makes you want to go to the kitchen?

Our delirium to both, have a theme party with the music that goes with it!

Do we eat Italian? This way Vivo per lei. Do we eat Greek? Come by the Sirtaki.

diner verre de vin table en bois et étagères roses

One of your best lunch, dinner or meal memories?

Often travel memories. We remember an incomparable ultra-fresh guacamole, feet in the sand at Isla Holbox in Mexico, or grilled oysters on the barbecue from the Northeast in Brazil.

Can you tell us about your current Instagram food accounts?

@cedricgrolet for his culinary creations worthy of paintings by great masters.

@enrangdoignon the account of journalist Raphaële Marchal for her good vibe.

@rougeauxlevres for his good wine advice.

Who or what restaurant do you particularly like to go to for dinner?

Beatriz Gonzalez's restaurant: Coretta downstairs in the 17th arrondissement. For its buratta with bottarga, its nice Nordic setting and its view of Martin Luther King Park. A colorful and modern kitchen.

What recipe do you dream of succeeding or knowing how to make one day?

Aurelie: A Grand Marnier soufflé that does not fall;)

Henri: A Pithiviers, galettes des rois lovers like me will understand!

In the kitchen of Aurélie and Henri Charpentier
In the kitchen of Aurélie and Henri Charpentier

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