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In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

We visited Gilbert just before a little summer break. Meeting with this cooking enthusiast, founder of Sunday Chicken, passionate about brands and entrepreneurship, and of course an entrepreneur himself!

In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?

My name is Gilbert Gatore. I'm a happy dad, home cook, and corporate and executive communication expert with my company RockSolid.

When do you cook?

I cook every day, at least the evening meal. On Sundays, in the absence of mass, I like to gather family and friends around a dish of chicken. What is magic with chicken is that it awakens childhood memories in adults, children are fans of it, and you can cook it in 1000 ways. Some of these recipes are on @lepouletdudimanche my Insta account dedicated to chicken!

How did you learn to cook and what are your inspirations?

Both of my parents are great cooking enthusiasts. With them the meal has always been a moment of sharing and passion. It is also an important time when everyone has a role to play. Between the dishes and the setting of the table, I very quickly preferred the preparation of the meals.

What is your favorite recipe or the dish that you redo very often?

As already mentioned, I developed a little homemade recipe around chicken. My chicken ballottine with seeds recipe is one of my little prides. To find here for the curious and curious: the PDD recipe

In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

What is your favorite utensil? And especially why?

Clearly it's the skimmer. Because: no skimmer, no broth, and no broth, no cooking.

And what is your magic ingredient or what you always have in your fridge?

Coriander seeds. Undoubtedly one of the flavors that best enhances poultry meat. With garlic, bell pepper, smoked paprika and roasted zucchini seeds, for example, it's a delight.

In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

Who are your producers, your suppliers, or even your favorite food shops?

Super difficult because there are a lot of them, but if I give you a quick shortlist:

" Terroirs d'avenir " when I am in Paris: to cook superb seasonal products from peasant agriculture and sustainable fishing.

21 Paysans ” when I am in Nice: only organic and local fruits and vegetables. And in the region there is something to do wonders.

Les Vendanges d’Antoine ” and “La part des anges” for wine

La Esquinita ” for Mexican products because I absolutely love the country and the cuisine.

You have carte blanche: share with us a song that makes you want to put yourself behind the stove?

“Bread and butter” by Claude François!

In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

What recipe do you dream of succeeding or knowing how to do one day?

This is not one but all of Alain Passard's recipes, those around vegetables are extraordinary in their simplicity and delicacy. It's a sober, generous cuisine centered on the vegetable that speaks to me a lot.

What are your favorite insta food accounts? And where or which restaurant do you particularly like to go to for dinner?

I am chefs in very different styles (Alain Passard, Céline Pham, Alexandre Marchon), places and collectives around food.

For restaurants in Paris: Le Dauphin and Faby are places that I really like for the evening and that I strongly recommend to those who do not yet know them. For all the rest of the time there is Le Café Compagnon.

The final word ?

For me on Instagram as in life, food is never far from art and vice versa. I therefore invite all people who share this sensitivity to discover my friends on the art side:

Axelle Russo

Damien Poulain

Florian Monfrini

and Mai Khanh Pham To

I assure you they also have a good fork :)

In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen
In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen
In Gilbert Gatore's kitchen

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