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What is a full tang knife?

When it comes to choosing a kitchen knife, there are many factors to consider. The blade is probably one of the most important elements, as it determines the quality and efficiency of your cuts, but it is also important to consider other factors such as the material of the handle or also the construction of the knife itself. -even. You may have heard of full tang or half tang knives before. In this article, we will take you through the specifics of a full tang knife.

What is a full tang knife?

A full tang knife is a kitchen knife whose blade extends the full length of the handle, with the steel extending from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. The blade is securely attached to the handle, usually with rivets, making it a strong and durable knife. Full tang knives are often made from higher quality materials. In the case of half-tang or postiche tang knives, the blade and the handle are two separate parts, which makes the knife more fragile.

What are the benefits of a full tang knife?

  1. Strength and durability: The main advantage of a full tang knife is its strength and durability. The construction of the blade that crosses the entire handle makes it a sturdy knife that can withstand prolonged use. Full tang knives tend to be stronger and more durable than half tang knives.
  2. Balance: Full tang knives are balanced and provide optimum grip for cuts. The blade and the handle have the same weight, which allows for more precise and comfortable handling.
  3. Cutting precision: Full tang knives are designed to provide a clean and precise cut. Thanks to their solid construction, these knives are stable because the force applied to the blade is distributed evenly over the entire length of the knife.
  4. Ease of sharpening: Full tang knives are easy to sharpen and maintain. Due to their solid construction, they are less likely to warp or lose their shape, which makes them easier to maintain.
  5. Hygiene: Full tang knives are also more hygienic than half tang knives. The blade and the handle are one and the same, which reduces the risk of dirt or bacteria accumulating in the gaps.
  6. Elegance: Full tang knives look elegant and professional. They are often made from high quality steel, which gives them a sophisticated and refined appearance.

What are the disadvantages of a full tang knife?

  1. Cost: Full tang knives are generally more expensive than half tang knives due to their higher quality materials and more complex construction.
  2. Weight: Full tang knives may be heavier than half tang knives due to the all-steel construction.

Our Ultimate Chef's Knife is obviously a full tang knife because at Atma we have chosen quality, solidity and performance. A full tang knife is an excellent choice for all professional and amateur cooks looking for a durable, balanced and easy to maintain knife.

What is a full tang knife?

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