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Our full stainless steel stove

As with everything we do at Atma, it was you who guided us! After the launch of our Ultimate Chef's Knife , we asked you what's the next one you'd like to see join the range.

Drum roll! This is the result.

On the podium stand in third position kitchen accessories such as spatula, whisk or wooden spoon with the note of interest of 3.4 / 5. In second place is the complete set of knives with the rating of 3.8. And on the top of the podium, the verdict is unanimous with no less than 327 requests: the Stove.

You choose, we run and here we are today.

Specifications for the stove

Your feedback on these questionnaires is very important, because it allows us to create utensils that suit you. But they are also very valuable because they allow us to realize that we are really in tune with you .

The choice of pan is obvious. After the knife, it is the most widespread and most used utensil in a kitchen and with Atma we focus first on the essentials of the kitchen .

We are on the same wavelength and that makes us very happy!

Now that we knew what to work on, we had to determine how to go about it. And it is still you who gave us the way forward.

You have been sent a second questionnaire to determine your needs, desires and expectations. And you were more than 200 to answer us , enough to leave with precise specifications and which, we hope, will speak to as many people as possible.

Here is the topo.

On the use of the pan, it is as we imagined. You need a versatile skillet to handle cooking vegetables, meats, fish and eggs.

For the diameter of the pan, you asked us for 3 different sizes. We are therefore going to take it out in: 26 cm and 28 cm , the two diameters that you have asked us the most. And we also provide a 20 cm frying pan because it's still very practical for meals on the go or accompaniments.

The majority of 53% asked us for a fixed handle to have a firm grip, more practical for browning your vegetable juliennes.

Sondage poele Atma

And finally, we understood that the lid was not optional for you since it was expressly requested by 73% of you.

Sondage Poele Atma

To be completely transparent with you, we haven't yet found a lid for our pan . The research is launched and we do not lose hope, but it is possible that the cover will arrive in a second time.

A technique with small onions

On the technical side, you clearly let us know your priorities:

Sondage poele Atma

So here's how we went about working on your two most important criteria for your perfect stove.

For the coating, you were 44% to tell us not to blame . So we started with a 100% stainless steel pan , like the pros!

Sondage poele Atma

To meet your expectations, we chose a 3-ply stainless steel . This means that the entire cooking surface is made with a 3-layer alloy:

  • a layer of stainless steel,
  • a layer of aluminum,
  • again a layer of stainless steel.

On the performance side , it allows a rapid rise in temperature, a perfect distribution of heat in the pan and precise cooking .

In terms of resistance over time , stainless steel is the best student because coated pans have a limited lifespan. When heated to high temperatures, over time, the coating flakes off, crumbles or peels off.

Small health bonus: having a pan without a non-stick coating eliminates all the risks of contamination associated with Teflon . And that is always good to take.

In terms of ease of use , this pan adapts to all hobs . As 88% of you cook either on induction hobs or on gas, this will suit everyone. Even the small 10% who use ceramic hobs.

And to make your life in the kitchen easier, this pan is dishwasher safe . That way you can give it your all on the preparation without worrying about the aftermath.

Outstanding partners

Once the specifications were finalized, we went in search of the best know-how to bring your ideal stove to life.

And it is not an easy task! We contacted more than thirty manufacturers in Europe and ended up finding an incredible partner who shares our taste for quality work, our rigor and our sense of detail .

This partner is a Portuguese family factory that has expertise in high-end cookware . She works with leading brands and the most important thing: she bought into our project from the first minute.

The next step is the mold production phase. We should receive the first prototypes in the spring. And once the prototypes are received, we will have them tested by you and by professional chefs, to settle the final details.

For the design of the frying pan , you don't change a winning team. We work with the industrial designer Marc Venot who has already worked on the Ultimate Chef's Knife.

And here are the first glimpses! They are not final, but it gives you an idea of ​​what it will look like:

Poele full inox Atma Kitchenware
Poele sans revêtement Atma Kitchenware
Poele sans revêtement Atma Kitchenware

For the launch of this frying pan, we have set ourselves a goal in the summer . And so far, we're on schedule.

This frying pan could never have existed without you. We can't wait to show it to you. If you have any questions or first comments, we would be happy to answer them in the comments just below.

And if you missed our questionnaire to make the frying pan of your dreams, there is still time to answer it. It's this way.



J’adore le design de votre poêle. Et en plus, elle répond parfaitement aux attentes techniques: vous faites super fort, bravo!


J’attends avec impatience cette poêle qui saura certainement donner toute satisfaction. Et encore bravo pour la super qualité du couteau, c’est un bonheur !


Bonjour, et merci pour les informations. Dommage que la poignée ne soit pas amovible pour le rangement quand on manque cruellement de place. Pour tout le reste cela nous semble parfait. Nous continuons de suivre son avancée. Cordialement, Ghislaine.

Lemaigre Dubreuil Prot

Super, nous avons hâte de la voir et de l’utiliser !

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