How to maintain your wooden cutting board?

A crack in your wooden cutting board came quickly. The reason is simple: wood works, because it is a living material. Until then, nothing new under the coconut trees.

Your board can therefore crack and split at any time. It's annoying, because it's unattractive and impractical, but it can also harbor bacteria.

So how do you prevent your board from getting damaged?
It's no secret: to keep your wooden board healthy, it needs regular maintenance. We tell you everything to know how to go about maintaining your wooden cutting board.

Daily maintenance: cleaning after use.

To begin, a first rule must be respected: the daily maintenance of your cutting board.

To do this, nothing rocket science. You just have to clean it well with a dish brush or a sponge on your wooden cutting board, before rinsing it well . The washing-up liquid is not obligatory. However, it is strongly recommended after your board has been used for cutting raw meat, poultry or fish.

Following this, you must immediately wipe the board with a cloth before placing it vertically against a wall , so that it dries well. Leaving it wet will push the wood to work, and your board could warp.

Finally, it is strongly advised not to put your wooden cutting board in the dishwasher . In contact with very hot water, the wood could split or rot.

Oil a wooden cutting board

Thoroughly cleaning your wooden cutting board is necessary, but not sufficient. You also have to take the time to nourish the wood: and nothing better than oiling your wooden cutting board.

1. Preparing your board to be oiled: the deep end

In order to pour oil on your board, it is important that it is thoroughly cleaned with dish soap this time. Then you just have to rinse well and then dry your kitchen board, so that it can absorb the oil well.

2. Oil your board effectively

It only takes a little oil to work miracles . Even if your board is cracked, a little oil will help the wood close up and provide it with a layer of protection.

To soak your board in oil, it is advisable not to use just any oil, but to turn preferably to an odorless and tasteless oil . You can turn to so-called drying oils such as linseed oil, hemp oil or walnut oil.

What you should avoid, however, is olive oil. The latter will tend to dirty the board and make it sticky.

H3 A conditioner for your wooden cutting board: beeswax

Not mandatory but strongly recommended, it is possible to take a last step to take care of the wood of your board. You can coat your wooden cutting board with beeswax . This treatment will create an extra layer of protection against water, bacteria and other stains.

Regular maintenance for iron health

Prevention is better than cure ! To ensure your wooden cutting board lives its best life, it's a good idea to take the lead in carrying out some long-term maintenance. So :

  • It is recommended that you clean your board thoroughly with lemon juice and salt every 2-4 months . This gentle treatment will restore strength to the wood.
  • It is necessary to oil your board before using it for the first time .

By mixing the phases of deep cleaning, daily cleaning and oil maintenance of your wooden cutting board, there is no doubt that the life of your board will be optimized. From there to enjoying a single wooden cutting board for the rest of your life, there is only one step!

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