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Sharpening and honing a knife: what's the difference?

"Sharpen" and "Sharpen". Well, yeah ! These two words cover two distinct techniques for maintaining your precious kitchen knives. We tell you more in this article. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but in cutlery there is a subtle distinction between the two. Understanding this distinction can help achieve the optimum edge on your knife and improve your blade maintenance skills.

How to take care of your kitchen knives?

Cooking is an art that requires quality equipment, and one of the most important tools is a good kitchen knife. I think we have already extensively expressed ourselves on the subject in our article. “Equip yourself well to cut everything” . so there is no going back! But as you know, having a quality knife is not enough, it is also important to know how to maintain it so that it remains sharp and efficient. Sharpening and honing are two terms commonly used to describe kitchen knife maintenance, but these terms have different meanings.In this article, we are going to look at the difference between honing and honing your knife.

Sharpening refers to the daily maintenance of your knife, and this allows you to straighten the edge of the blade. Indeed, during the daily use of your knife, the edge of the blade will move slightly and create small bumps or teeth, almost invisible to the naked eye, and which tend to reduce the cutting quality of your knife. . It is therefore necessary to straighten its blade edge to restore its sharpness. Sharpening is done using a steel sharpening steel, without abrasive material, and this technique does not remove any steel from the blade. A sharpening steel is generally used before using a knife. To have the sharpest possible blade. This prevents your knife from wearing out too quickly and therefore limits the frequency of sharpening sessions. A sharpening steel is especially useful if you use your knife a lot and always want to have a perfect edge.

In contrast, sharpening is a more intensive process that involves completely restoring the edge of the blade. Unlike sharpening, honing involves removing a small amount of metal from the blade, especially if the knife is very dull or damaged. To sharpen a knife, you will typically use a whetstone, or a diamond or ceramic sharpening steel, which has an abrasive surface to remove material from. By passing the edge of your blade against this abrasive surface, you will remove material and create a new sharp blade edge. All irregularities, traces of use and scratches will be erased. To do this, you need to place the blade on your whetstone at a 15 degree angle, then slide it back and forth to remove the damaged layer of metal and create a sharp edge. Don't worry, we're preparing a little tutorial on the subject.

How often should I sharpen my knife?

Not as often as you think! There's no need to put your knife through a whetstone every month. You would be removing too much material from the blade. The answer mostly depends on how much use you have of your knife. But generally, for home use, once every 6 months is sufficient. But as you know, Atma offers you sharpening once a year for two years, so take advantage of it!

So you understand that honing and honing are two processes that serve different purposes and are not done at the same frequency. For simple regular maintenance, sharpening is sufficient. However, if your knife is very dull or damaged, you will need to use a whetstone to fully restore its sharpness. Honing is a more intensive process that removes more metal and needs to be done less often than honing.

Sharpening and honing a knife: what's the difference?

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