In the kitchen of Pauline Séné

At just 30 years old, Pauline Séné is a chef who counts. After a remarkable stint in Top Chef, she took over the helm of the Fripon restaurant on rue de Ménilmontant in Paris, and has been signing the menu for the pretty restaurant Arboré for a few months . We present to you our one-on-one with Pauline, a cook of character well in her sneakers as her plates! A story that makes you hungry.

Hello Pauline, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Pauline Séné, I am 30 years old, I am Chef in Paris, I worked at Fripon and I currently sign the menu of the restaurant Arboré at the royal hotel madeleine.

Can you tell us where your passion for cooking comes from?

I don't have a specific event in mind, I've always liked it. As a child, I watched my grandmother and my mother a lot (very cliché but true!). In college, I also cooked a lot at home, I was almost the only one to do that.

And my internship in 9th grade in a restaurant totally confirmed my idea that it was really a job that attracted me, and that I felt in my place in a kitchen.

Tell us about your inspirations. What stimulates your creativity in the kitchen?

Everything inspires me with the products, the seasons, the colors, the smells, my desires of the moment, the culinary memories that I want to reproduce, but what I especially like is creating by exchanging with others, exchanging ideas, techniques... it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Pauline Séné dresse une assiette chez Arboré
Cuisine à 4 mains avec Atma et Pauline Séné chez Arboré
Test du couteau de chef Atma avec Pauline

Do you have a secret cooking tip to share with our community?

Do not be afraid to test things, to make mistakes, not to necessarily follow the recipes, but more to listen to your desires.

Are there any products that you particularly love to work with? A favorite season?

I love working with potatoes, leeks, tomatoes and fish in general.

My favorite season is summer, for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, figs… these are great products with wonderful colors and flavors.

Recette de tartare de veau par Pauline Séné
Recette échine de porc et sauce choux pointu pour Atma
dressage assiette de poireaux pour Atma

Can you tell us about your next projects or desires for the future?

For the rest I would like to create my own business, for the moment nothing specific, the desire is there... you have to allow time to do it well.

Right now, I'm taking advantage of lots of different experiences, which allow me to explore other facets of my job.

As a professional chef, do you like to cook so much when you're at home with your family?

I like to cook for my family and my friends. But to be honest I also like being able to put my feet under the table and enjoy a good meal that I didn't make.

Can you tell us about the importance of the choice of utensils in your kitchen?

For me, having good equipment is one of the essential conditions, having sharp knives, good frying pans, spatula, whisk... it allows you to cook calmly and do things well, to better respect the products, and everything is easier with good utensils.

Do you have any favorite addresses to share with us (restaurant, grocery store, shop, etc.)?

I really like going to the Super frais and Antioche grocery store in the 20th arrondissement, I also really like Benoit Castel 's grocery store on rue Sorbier, who is so ingenious in what it offers.

I always have so much fun going to Terroir d'avenir , or Chen market (I have a passion for Asian products).

In restaurants lately I really enjoyed Le Petit Navire , Bang Bang Belleville, Soces, Lolo la cave

What is your greatest table memory or the most moving?

My most striking memory is a lunch at Alexandre Mazzia before he was awarded 3 stars.

The 3 recipes made by Pauline and on the menu of the restaurant Arboré (Paris 8th). To discover soon on our Instagram account and on our blog!

1. Leeks / Trout roe / Pomelo /
Buttered milk vinaigrette / Chives / Hazelnuts

2. Veal tartare / Smoked herring / Parmesan cheese /
Mustard / Pine nuts

3. Pork belly / Pointed cabbage / BBQ sauce / Cream

découpe avec couteau de chef ultime Atma
Cuisson de choux pointu en cuisine avec Atma
Romain fondateur Atma dans le restaurant Arboré
Romain fondateur atma kitchenware cuisine une recette avec Pauline Séné

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