In the kitchen of Romain Rainaut

Meeting with the cuisine of Romain Rainaut, co-founder of the CYD agency, sporaholic, lover of good products and culinary discoveries.

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?

I am 35 years old, I live between Paris and Brittany and I co-founded CYD (CONQUERYOURDAY) because I have always been passionate about sport and well-being, especially when practiced in community.

I'm a fan of the product, Epicurean, I like when it overflows at the table but with taste and style. The kitchen is shared around moments of life, I like to dine with those who like to receive. I like to cook or buy beautiful products without limit (without limit). I love the equipment, using it, maintaining it, hence my excitement for Atma and your future products. For the record, I prepared for the CAP Cuisine in 2021 without ever taking the exam. Great regret.

When do you cook?

Every weekend to the fullest, a clean, beautiful, generous table, the utensils outside are part of the atmosphere, and a new recipe to try. In the evening during the week I stay on my basics, I do tests, assemble the bottoms of the fridge, and often the famous lemon pasta from François Régis Gaudry.

What is your favorite recipe?

More than a recipe, it's a product: MEAT. I like to bake it, roast it, simmer it, or do it low and slow. Without being an unconditional meat-eater, I like to sublimate it 2 to 3 times a week. This remains a true synonym of conviviality. You take a nice full stainless steel frying pan, butter, a rub (dry marinade to flavor the meat), the maillard reaction and off you go. It's also possible on a Kamado, my new Japanese ceramic bbq...

"Google "Maillard reaction" and get your pans hot."

What is your favorite utensil and why?

The most important thing is to have the right basics, I can't do without a good knife because we often start there and it's always better to start on the right foot. Afterwards, many utensils are useful to me, but some have only been used once. Let me be cheeky and tell you about my least used utensils:

  • The garlic press for example. Because a clove can be cut with a good knife and the garlic press is very annoying to clean.
What is your magic ingredient or what you always have in your fridge?

Bordier butter with Espelette pepper (churn butter)
Butter churn is the only authorized physical process for obtaining butter from milk cream. It is a butter obtained by a traditional kneading and especially after having respected a phase of maturation of the cream. At Bordier we excel!

Can you give us some of your favorite producers or suppliers?

Maison Favin who is my Breton butcher at heart, in addition he gives cooking lessons in the back butchery, in Paris I also really like the friends of the Billot Club paris 18 (Hello JN and bravo!) and order on gustor. be to discover new meats!

Vegetables and fruit were Boots in town with Aymeric when they were still delivering to individuals: ultra-fresh, ultra-local only nuggets. Now it's more complicated as they are requested by restaurants...!

I fish the fish when I am in Brittany, as long as I can and I put it under vacuum.

Share with us a song that makes you want to put yourself behind the stove?

I like to listen and re-listen to the table of good living with Laurent Mariotte and Yves Camdeborde my idol. He speaks, I salivate. To listen without moderation on Europe 1 or in podcast on all your platforms.

What are your favorite Insta food accounts or your friends who inspire you in the kitchen?

@the_cookeurs : my own kitchen inspiration!
@thesocialfood : for the beauty of the places and the photos, and the permanent discoveries.

Otherwise I like to dine at Vincent Bucaille, a friend, serial entrepreneur. Best amateur cook on our networks if you are lucky enough to be invited to his table :) He rocks.

References :

François Régis Gaudry - For pasta al limone

Jean-Yves Bordier - For the Espelette pepper butter and the cheeses

Maison Favin - Butcher in Saint Lunaire

The Billot Club - Butcher Paris 18

Boots in town - For vegetables and fruits

Bons vivants - Podcast by Laurent Mariotte

Books :

  • Single - Ottolenghi
  • Terrines, rillettes, sausages & pâté crust - Gilles and Nicolas Vérot

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