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What is the most versatile knife in your kitchen?

Santoku, peeler, sushi knife, paring knife, bread knife, butcher's sheet... It's like being in front of the Iron Throne!

Fortunately, it is not necessary to have such a collection of knives at home to have fun in the kitchen. Only one is essential: the Chef's Knife!

The Chef's Knife is THE most versatile knife in your kitchen. So that you can be sure, we explain why in the article below!

What is a Chef's Knife?

With a blade 20 centimeters long and 4 to 5 centimeters high, the Chef's Knife may have been forged from a solid steel bar or laser-cut from a steel plate. While forged blades often require more work, the result is stronger and more durable knives.

There are two families of Chef's Knives:

European knives: the edge of the blade of these knives is curved. This facilitates the swinging use of the knife. These heavy and resistant blades are the most common knives on our European tables.

Japanese knives or gyutos: they are lighter and thinner than German knives with a flatter blade edge allowing a characteristic top-down cut.

For Atma, we chose a hybrid blade made of high-end German steel hardened to 58 HRC and a very fine cutting angle inspired by Japanese knives, for even more sharpness. The Chef's Knife makes it possible to make 80 to 90% of the cuts in the kitchen. Enough to make it the best ally of your daily cooking moments.

The everyday knife for cooking

The bolster (the intermediate part in volume between the handle and the blade) provides all the balance of the knife, for foolproof handling. The Chef's Knife accompanies you in carrying out many tasks, such as:

- Peel, cut, slice your fruits and vegetables for your morning fruit salad or your fall ratatouille.

- Raise your fish fillets for your ceviche.

- Denervate, degrease and detail a nice rib steak.

- Or zest citrus fruits for your favorite cocktails.

This real Swiss army knife is essential in any self-respecting kitchen. It is the most versatile tool due to its perfect balance between power and precision.

Couteau de cuisine manche bleu livre de recette

The perfect balance between power and precision

The Chef's Knife is in our eyes the most versatile because:

It is powerful and resistant, like its back blade whose solidity often allows it to break small bones or to open the shells of reckless crustaceans. Characteristics that allow it to tackle large Butternut-type vegetables with ease, as well as fine cuts of meat.

But it is also a tool of infinite precision. Useful for finely slicing your finest red mullet, or for finely chopping onions, garlic or herbs.

At Atma, we have chosen a full tang blade (the steel goes from the tip of the knife to the handle) and a thickness of 2.5 mm at the back of the blade, to guarantee power. and resistance, with a cutting angle of 30° on the edge of the blade for perfect precision.

Great longevity and reliability… provided you take care of it

If the solidity of the Chef's Knife ensures its longevity and lasting reliability, it must nevertheless be taken care of.

Your Chef's Knife can easily last you between 20 and 50 years... even a lifetime! On the sole condition of ensuring that you regularly sharpen your blade, to maintain precision and ease of cutting, but also to limit injuries. But also taking care to always clean your knife by hand, with hot water and soap, and to dry it immediately to prevent rust from forming.

Regular and diligent maintenance of your Chef's Knife remains the best solution for maintaining its versatility over the long term. We explain everything you need to know in this other article.

Couteau de chef découpe tomates et oignons rouges

A super well designed chef's knife, design and at the fairest price

We offer a Chef's Knife that seeks to be as versatile as possible . Forged from a single piece of high-end stainless steel, the Atma Chef's Knife is at the crossroads of German and Japanese knives to guarantee versatility and practicality when cutting.

To ensure that we have the most versatile knife possible, we obviously took into account your wishes in terms of use, which allowed us to determine many characteristics of the Atma Chef's Knife.

In the end: a very versatile Chef's Knife that can accompany you on a daily basis, whatever your level in the kitchen. So, ready to put on the apron?

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