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Visit to Maison Cuilleret

Meeting with Madeleine and Maxime, the founders of Maison Cuilleret. They have been a couple for about ten years, and have recently embarked on a superb project dedicated to kitchen utensils and tableware.

Atma visited them in their shop nestled in rue Antoine Vollon in the 12th arrondissement in Paris, very close to the Aligre market. The opportunity to discuss their concept, our common love for cooking, aesthetics and the taste of beautiful everyday objects.

On the menu: a wide selection of carefully selected vintage dishes, kitchen essentials, brilliant recipe books, and very soon Atma utensils in the flesh 🚀

Hello Madeleine and Maxime, can you introduce yourself?

So we are two Parisians, in a relationship for about ten years. Last year, we launched the Maison Cuilleret project together, which is a shop dedicated to kitchen utensils and old crockery.

Can you tell us about the genesis of Maison Cuilleret in a few words?

Maison Cuilleret naturally started from our taste for cooking and the art of the table, but above all from our common desire to brighten up everyday life with beautiful objects that are useful, durable and accessible at the same time. We carefully select quality European manufacturers and craftsmen, renowned for their know-how. And finally, we both very spontaneously wanted to work together but also to launch an adventure on a human scale.

Our relationship to cooking has evolved a lot in recent years. Do you see a change in the relationship to kitchen utensils?

Yes totally, I think most cooks go back to a certain tradition. Do it yourself, fewer gadgets, more essentials. And above all, seasonal cuisine.

Boutique d'ustensiles de cuisine et de couteaux Maison Cuilleret

In your opinion, what are the 3 essential criteria for choosing a good knife?

A well-sharpened blade for an irreproachable cutting edge. The secret is to sharpen your knife before each use so that your line lasts as long as possible. A comfortable handle that is well in hand. And finally a knife size suitable for what you are cooking.

We have presented our first product to you: the Atma chef's knife and we will soon even be able to find it for real at Maison Cuilleret. So, is it validated?

It's validated, in addition to being a very good chef's knife , we love the traditional design associated with a colored handle as well as the neat packaging. It makes a great Christmas present ;)

What are your favorite addresses to share with us (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) in Paris (or even elsewhere)?

We are fans of the Aligre district. So we recommend our addresses in the neighborhood: the Purvin natural wine cellar for a drink accompanied by delicious small plates in the evening, the fresh pasta from Passerini , the Veggie break at Amendula Café or the oysters washed down with white wine on Sunday mornings at the Red Baron.

Finally, we are approaching the end of year celebrations: your ultimate advice for a successful family meal?

Generous cuisine served with elegance. Get started and set up beautiful tables to create a festive atmosphere!

Where to find them?


11 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012 Paris

Vaiselle et ustensiles de cuisine
vaiselle et ustensiles de cuisine
Les fondateurs de la boutique d'ustensiles de cuisine Maison Cuilleret

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