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In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

Atma went to visit Olivia and Matthieu when he got out of bed on a Monday morning. We shared a supercharged breakfast, and we talked about their cuisine, synonymous with happiness and memories. And as a bonus their recipe for the perfect smoothie to attack the week đŸ’„

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Can you start by telling us a few words about yourself?

Matthieu: I am 36 years old, originally from Nice with Italian great-grandparents and black feet, my roots are clearly located on the shores of the Mediterranean, but I am a real Parisian by adoption! I like parties, the sea, large tables with friends, Italian (and Nice) cuisine, football (and OGC Nice), and since it's summer, the return of rosé at lunch followed by a good nap with a thick book that sticks to your cheek!

Olivia: I am 34 years old, pure Parisian but Basque by adoption, especially since the arrival of our little Joseph and Elena, both born in Bayonne. It's also a half-acknowledged attempt to become a great surfer, but the progression curve is slow, very slow
 😊. I (also) like parties, friends, music, travelling, swimming or hitting a tennis ball. In terms of culinary rhythm, I like late lunches and going out for dinner to discover new spots, especially if the dessert is followed by a mezcal cocktail!

Let's get down to business, what are your favorite recipes?

Matt: Lasagna, family origins oblige. It simmers for a long time, long enough to taste a full bolo even before the start of dinner by dipping your spoon into it. The dressing is generous: the pasta that crackles, the sauce that overflows, the parmesan that spreads everywhere, including next to the dish. And the last cooking is a real kiff, it browns, it browns, it smells of the house... Pronto!

Olivia: it's not really a recipe but what I like the most is a beautiful seafood platter that breathes iodine with a bottle of very cold white wine 😊

When do you both cook?

Matthieu: Sunday brunch, meals with friends at home, family high masses, holidays in Corsica. We are not short of opportunities.

Olivia: When I really have no choice or Matthieu is not there :)

What are your favorite utensils or objects in your kitchen? And why ?

Matthieu: my Staub cast iron cocotte offered by Olivia. You can prepare a beef bourguignon for 2 days, stop it, come back to it, constantly. A wonder ! The little extra kiff not to forget: deglaze at the end of cooking to concentrate the juices at the bottom for more flavors (1/2 glass of white wine on high heat for 5min)

Olivia: the blender to make me supercharged fresh juices in the morning, clearly my discovery of 2022! We cut up all the seasonal fruits that come to hand, a tear of almond milk, 1 spoon of honey, we sprinkle with lemon. And we cover everything with muesli.

In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

The family of course, my mum who cooks a dream, but also the couscous and gnocchi from my grandmothers, the pasta from my father – the best! The Mediterranean, fishing in Tizzano in Corsica to make fish soup, films too (the prison kitchen scene in Les Affranchis
a masterpiece!)

In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

What is your magic ingredient or what can always be found in your fridge?

Matthieu: it's simple and effective 4 things: olive oil, well-matured parmesan cheese (24 months minimum), pasta (preferably orecchiettes). And kiri not to mention the brand (in case of a rush with the children of course

Olivia: ginger and chocolate (black of course).

Who are your favorite producers / suppliers / shops?

Matthieu: the ravioli from Maison Barale on rue Sainte-Réparate in Nice. A house of Piedmont origin that has been creating its fresh pasta since 1892. The small stuffed Péché Mignon still a caterer rue Bonaparte in Nice. The pissaladiÚre at Tintin (we no longer present it is an institution). You will understand, you really have to go to Nice!

Olivia: Frichti of course 😊! Not only have I been working there for a year, but I'm an absolute fan of their products and recipe kits! A great way to start cooking more when you're not used to it or when you're short on time.

In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

Share a song that makes you seriously want to go into the kitchen?

Matthew: Gigi L'amoroso by Dalida

Olivia: A cor E Rosa de Silva (and basically any Brazilian music)

What is your best dinner, lunch or meal memory?

Matthieu & Olivia: The second evening of our wedding weekend. A mechoui for 200 people with their feet in the water on the beach. Wheels of parmesan cheese, roasted potatoes, magic! More recently we tested the Ortensia restaurant in Paris for our 5th wedding anniversary, a simply brilliant experience by the Japanese chef Terumitsu Saito.

What are your favorite insta food accounts?

Matthieu: I really like Cyril Lignac's and François-Regis Gaudry's recipes. The product is always in the spotlight, in a simple way. A good source of inspiration.

Olivia: the last time I went on insta it must have been in 2012 (my profile picture attests to it:)). Well anyway, I added a few foodie accounts for children, including one that I recommend, papillette (@papiLlette) , lots of great recipe tips for the little ones.

In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

Where do you get your inspirations in the kitchen?

Matthieu: The family of course. My mum who makes a dream kitchen, but also the couscous and gnocchi of my grandmothers, the pasta of my father – the best! The Mediterranean, fishing in Tizzano in Corsica to prepare fish soup (my must-have for the summer), and then the movies too (the prison kitchen scene in Les Affranchis
a masterpiece!)

Where or in which restaurants do you like to dine?

Matthieu & Olivia: Our little neighborhood pleasure, Lala in Pigalle. Lasagna (of course), a spritz at the counter, an Italian playlist. And Antonio who always finds a small table. Otherwise, the big rendezvous with friends is Chateaubriand by the Basque chef Inaki Aizpitarte. A surprise menu every time - extraordinary! - dinners that end very (very) late
 tired tomorrows, but happy ones and full of memories. Before or after dinner, we like to go and try the latest cocktails at our friends from Amore Amaro (Hello Florent) or @romainlemouellic from theSyndicate.

In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen
In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen
In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen
In Olivia and Matthieu's kitchen

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